Episode 13 page 13

Smuggler’s Beard (page 13)

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Hey, Wes here…

Sorry it’s been so long since our last post. I was working on my first comic book, BLORP which will be printed by Milk Money Books sometime this year (I hope). I’m already working on BLORP #2 but I feel like I’ve got a good enough work schedule going so I’ve decided to resume work on this thang too!

John and I are working on scripts for a new beginning of the comic that’ll totally knock yer sox awf…also we’re trying to get published…so…yeah

New pages, loves…that’s all you need to know now…


Pizza Cat

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Wanna read an excerpt from Wes’ upcoming comic book?! Of course you do!

Check out the short story, Pizza Cat off of Wes’ tumblr!

Just click on the image below to view the comic now!

page 1 preview



Hump Day Shmump Shmay

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Happy Hump Day to all! What’s your favorite kind of hump? Do you prefer lumps to humps? For us, it doesn’t get better than the hump on a camel’s back…

What are you interested in this Wednesday evening?  Are you eating pizza for dinner? Do you eat pizza all the time? Are you a pizza? We wanna know!!

Leave a comment below!

New page of the comic this Friday!

john and wes surfing atop giant slices of pizza tiny


Twenty thirteen

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Just a new drawing for you guys…happy Tuesday!

I’m still working on the next batch of pages and they’ll hopefully be available before the 25th…pending we’re all around by then…no, fuck that!

I’m not going to waste your time talking about the end-of-the-Mayan-calendar bullshit…nope.

So, to sum it up: New drawing up darr, new pages coming before Santa, and fuck all this December 21st nonsense…

Yeah…it all makes sense to me…

I’m such a great writer, ya’ll.


Smuggler’s Beard (page 3) due out tomorrow, the 28th!!

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New page of the comic tomorrow! More to follow!!

I think this is the first time I announced something like this in the blog…haha

Sorry for the delay in the comic guys. Times are tough for Zebra-corn so we don’t always get to spend as much time on the site as we’d like to.

I should be able to pick the pace on the comics…so, bear with us…

Also, stay tuned for more news on the elusive Zebra-corn show…


Follow Wes on Tumblr!

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That picture says it all doesn’t it?

It doesn’t?! Okay…um well I’ve had a tumblr for a while now but I haven’t used it for quite some time. Now, for whatever reason I’ve decided to start using it again!

It’ll be great! I’ll be sharing doodles on an almost daily basis as well as finished works of art that won’t be feature on Zebra-corn! If you like my style then you’ll love my tumblr…BEST PART IS I’M TAKING REQUESTS!! GOT A FRAVORITE CHARACTER FROMA MOVIE, TV SHOW, VIDYA GAME, ETC THAT YOU WANNA SEE ME FUCK UP?! HUH?? WELL NOW’S YOUR CHANCE! I NEED THE PRACTICE!



New Zebra-corn shirt on Red Bubble!

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Booyah!! There’s a new Zebra-corn shirt here just in time for fall!! High fashion indeed…

You can buy the shirt here.


ULTRA @ 502 Bar this Saturday!! Zebra-corn will be there!! Will you?!

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San Antonio rock legends, ULTRA will be playing at the 502 this Saturday!! If you like 70′s era, dual guitar, barrel-fisted rock and roll then you’ll definitely want to come check these dudes out! Wes and Tyler will be there filming the show! For those of you who don’t know, Tyler was the one who recorded the Zebra-cast for us…in fact you can hear him talking back to us on the later episodes (there’s more Zebra-cast on the horizon).

Zebra-corn has been “flirting” with band frontman, Don Evans for a little while and…Zebra-corn will be making a mini documentary about Ultra and Don himself. He’s a pretty cool guy and we can’t wait to hear all the stories he’s got!

Here’s a video of them playing the Sunken Gardens in ’76!!! Holy  hell!! That’s a long time ago!


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So, as a very small number of you already know, we have a twitter profile. It’s not much, sure but we do try. We’ve also notice that, for as many visits we get to the site it seems odd that nobody clicks on that twitter or Facebook buttons over there…damn you, social media! I thought you were supposed to f@%#ing help me!!

So, I’m totally thinking we should change that. If you follow us on twitter you’ll get the super scoop on new pages from our comics, any new blog posts, new videos, podcasts,etc. all right from one little twitter…not only that but the Zebra-corn twitter also features exclusive drawings and sketches from me, Wes! Wanna see my Adventure Time fan art? twitter ,baby…”Hipsterfied” pictures of new pages of the comic before they’re finished? twitter, baby…

What are you waiting for? You can click here to go to our twitter page and subscribe or you can click on the baby blue button on this page that looks like the twitter bird!



Help! The Zebra-corn web show could use a little cash…

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Good news to all you warm-hearted philanthropists! Zebra-corn now has a “Donate” button set up on our main page! Now you can make your generous contributions to us through PayPal! How much more secure can you get?! The best part is you don’t even need an account! All you need is a credit/debit card, some fingers and the ability to give til ya bleed! Also, don’t forget to brag about your contribution, we want to thank all of you personally! With your help the live-action Zebra-corn web show will be a dream come true!


The Zebra-corn, live-action webshow is putting along fine as we draw pre-production to a close…except for one small, teeny tiny problem…WE AIN’T GOT NO MONEY, HONEY!!

Great script? Check!

Full cast? Check!

Director? Check!

The point is, we have this thing all revved up and ready to go but without money it won’t go very far. Sure, our director is a graduate of the film program at the University of Texas and sure, the script is amazing…but uh, we ain’t got a camera. We’ve found a way to rent a camera and lens, but as you can imagine, it isn’t free. On top of that, we also need to pay for some minor props and costume pieces ( a cheap mask, a shirt, and a cop uniform to name a few) as well as some cheap lamps so that we can have some sort of lighting in this thing! We want to start filming soon but without the money (roughly $500) we can’t start. $500 isn’t a lot when you think about what that will yield! A six episode web series FOR FREE and if you make any sort of contribution you can get your name in the credits! Imagine, one day you can tell your grandchildren how you gave a hundred bucks to make the dumbest show ever!!

Of course, with more than $500 we can make this thing truly out of sight! Just imagine, a highly quality web show written by your favorite comic duo, John and Wes!

Any donation you can make is greatly appreciated and we will WORSHIP THE GROUND YOU WALK UPON! WE WILL KISS UR FEET!

Again, we appreciate any donation, big or small and we will always appreciate the support! A donation to Zebra-corn will always mean a better site for you, the viewer!